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NQF level 6 - 12 credits

Learn to construct predictive financial models in Excel to inform better capital and operational management and investment decisions.


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8 weeks intensive learning

Thirty 30-minute sessions allowing you to complete the training along your current responsibilities

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Over the duration of this online short course, you’ll work through the following modules:

Module 1: Using Financial Modelling Effectively
Explore the fundamental skills and best practices required to become proficient in Excel-based financial modelling.

Module 5: Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
Discover the differing degrees to which varying inputs affect outputs in a model.

Module 2: Accounting Statements
Discover the various accounting statements, their purposes, and how they are related and interpreted.

Module 6: Financial analysis
Explore 21 key ratios for municipalities, benchmark different municipalities against each other.

Module 3: Building the Three Statement Model
Discover how to create a three statement model, comprising the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

Module 7: Using Financial Models for Decision-Making in Business
Explore how financial models can be used in strategic business decisions around capital infrastructure development and financial sustainability.

Module 4: Forecasting the Three Statement Model
Explore the various ways of forecasting and extending the three statement model, which is driven by underlying business assumptions.

Module 8: Using Financial Models for Valuation
Discover how financial forecasts can be applied into a discounted cash flow valuation model.



Deon van der Westhuizen has been analyzing financial statements of local government for more than 2 decades.   He established MuniratingSA and Municipal monitor, and is a frequent speaker on international events on financial modelling and analysis.  As the technical expert at the University of Stellenbosch School for Public Leadership and as Anchor Faculty at Next Step Academy (Pty) Ltd, he provided technical training to more than 3000 students since 2010.  He is a long-term advisor to Municipal Councils and Municipal Managers on issues of financial sustainability.

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