The IGRF Act (SAQA ID 116344)

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For more than two decades interventions by provincial governments into failed municipalities have not worked — about 100 remain in crisis and cannot provide residents with the most basic of services. The high court order that the Makana municipal council in the Eastern Cape be dissolved for failing to fulfill its constitutional obligation to provide residents with services is but one of the examples of a broken local government system. Beyond these interventions experts also warn that the government needs to take a serious look at how municipalities are run. Section 139 of the Constitution, which provides for provincial intervention in local government, has never been a silver bullet. The section 139 interventions require a provincial government to a) issue a directive to the municipalities; b) assume responsibility because the municipality could not fulfil an obligation; c) dissolve the municipality; d) take steps to ensure a municipality adopts the budget; and e) have a recovery plan to secure the municipality’s ability to meet its obligation.

Unit standard requirements

SAQA requirements

SAQA ID 116344

NQF level 6

10 credits

Course outcomes

On completion of this unit standard, a learner should be able to identify, interpret and apply:

  1. the legislative requirements for co-operative government at local government level;
  2. the constitutional provisions regulating provincial supervision in local government;
  3. the legislative requirements of the division of revenue process and intergovernmental transfers to local government;
  4. the conditions of intergovernmental transfers to local government; and
  5. legislation governing municipal borrowing powers


Current status

Intergovernmental principles

Course Features

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  • Duration 12 CPD points
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 252
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  • Assessments Yes

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