SACE Provider Number: PR12127

Next Step Academy (NSA) offers CPD activities and courses for various professions.  Our CPTD Educators programme is one such programme.  We offer various options to assist you in acquiring SACE PD Points of different types.  Our user-friendly system makes it easy to acquire SACE PD Points in your own time and in the environment you choose.

According to SACE guidelines registered Educators need to acquire at least 150 points

in every three years of your CPD cycle. You must participate in all three different types of professional development activities/programmes to earn the 150 PD Points. These are:

  • Type 1 Activities/Programmes: (Teacher Initiated);
  • Type 2 Activities/Programmes :(School-Initiated) and
  • Type 3 Activities/Programmes: (Externally Initiated).

Click here for the SACE Professional Development Points Schedule document with more detailed information of SACE requirements

Our programme includes the following activities to choose from:

  • SACE Accredited inhouse / online group courses
  • SACE Accredited e-learning courses
  • Online peer-reviewed articles & questionnaires (available from 15 January 2021)

SACE Accredited inhouse / online group courses:

These courses can be presented inhouse at your school, or online via Zoom, and include:

POPIA in Schools (POPI Act)                                                                                                10 Points

Lead and Manage Teams                                                                                                    15 Points

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the School Environment            15 Points

Managing Anxiety and Depression in the School Environment                                   10 Points

Supporting Children and Adults Living with HIV and AIDS                                            10 Points

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking                                                                            15 Points

Accreditation for these courses are valid up to 30 June 2023, with the exception of POPIA in Schools which is valid up to 30 August 2023 (click here for the SACE Accreditation letter).

Please contact us for a tailor-made quote:

SACE Accredited e-learning courses:

For ease of use we also offer some of our accredited courses as e-learning versions that you can do in your own time:

An introduction to protection of personal information (POPI Act)                             3 points

Processing personal information (POPI Act)                                                                   3 points

Schools and personal information of children (POPI Act)                                            4 points

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the School Environment          15 Points

To register for our e-learning courses click here.

Online peer-reviewed articles & questionnaires:

Coming soon - available from 2021

You can also sign up for our online peer-reviewed article & questionnaire programme.   Each article is followed by an online 10 question Multiple Choice Questionnaire.  A 70% pass rate is required and you have unlimited attempts in which to obtain the 70%.  Your data of points accrued are safely stored on our online system.  Online certificates are issued upon successful completion of your chosen package and you can submit this as proof of completion.

According to SACE requirements you can read online journals / articles and obtain the following SACE PD Points if you submit proof thereof:

2 articles – 5 PD Points ( 2.5 per article)

4 articles – 10 PD Points (2.5. per article)

You can receive points to a maximum of 5 PD points per semester & 10 PD points per year.

A number of online options are available.  Our various options give you the freedom to combine packages to suit your specific SACE PD needs.

A total of 4 topical peer-reviewed journal articles are available online, adding up to a total of 10 CPD points.  As mentioned, you can receive points to a maximum of 5 PD points per semester & 10 PD points per year for reading online journals / articles.

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