Governance Ethics & Fraud

Governance is built on ethical and transparent leadership. The tone at the top is critical leading into the ncertainties in the future.

1. Look at the road ahead to anticipate the new risks and opportunities whilst management’s head is in the trenches.
2. Manage employee and customer safety whilst managing the bottom line and liquidity.
3. Understand the cycle of crisis and identify where they are in the cycle.
4. Rebuild existing business and understand the structural changes need to survive in the new normal.
5. Reimagine the future while the current reality is being disrupted anyway.
6. Be the second set of eyes with informed decision form a combined assurance perspective and reliable integrated reporting.
7. Make sure that ethics do not take a backseat in the effort to regain lost ground.

King IV requirements and guidance
• Strategic direction – The business impact of COVID 19 on the
Board and the Exco, stay abreast of issues. Setting and
achieving its strategic objectives. KING IV on ethics.
• Strategic risks – Heroes and zeroes are emerging in a time of
crisis – how to be a hero – the nature and extent of strategic risks.
• Ethical leadership and ethical dilemmas
• How can boards take a proactive and leadership role in risk governance? Revisiting risk appetite and risk tolerance levels. Ongoing monitoring of residual risk against the risk appetite.

The three lines model, and how it assists in achievement of objectives
75 min session presentation, 15 min case study
• Providing ethical leadership in risk management – empowering management to make decisions.
• Risk Assessment – the new normal, focussing on solvency and liquidity
• Business continuity plan development – standards and guidelines and risk management strategy – plan, respond and rebuild.
• Internal audit – The role of the combined assurance in the business continuity process and how it assists the Board in making key decisions.

Start Time

8:30 am

January 19, 2021

Finish Time

2:00 pm

January 19, 2021


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