Performance Management

Performance management might just have changed forever. The workplace has changes, cost drivers are different, responsibility to self-manage has changed, and key performance indicators need to adjust accordingly. Setting new standards for performance management might be the key differentiator to remain relevant.


Strategic planning and strategic risk assessments
• Strategic direction – realigning roles and respective KPIs will be
vital where employees are able to support cross-functionally.

Reinforce organizational outcomes
• Strategic risks – Heroes and zeroes are emerging in a time of
crisis – how to be a hero – the nature and extent of strategic
• How can management take a proactive and leadership role in performance? Revisiting risk appetite and risk tolerance levels.

Redesigning the performance agreements and the indicators.
• Ongoing monitoring

The design of the dashboard
• Empowering management to make decisions in a new way.
• Designing a dashboard with real-time ongoing monitoring of key performance objectives and key risk indicators.
• Tracking performance with effective datamining.
• Communicate frequently with multiple modes to build understanding and confidence
• Assurance on the reliability and integrity of performance information
• Adopt a performance management software that allows you to be agile and supports work-from-home


1. Reimagine the future while the current reality is being disrupted anyway.
2. Performance management for work from home (WFH) will need extra thought to align with the current situation. With the right approach and tools, it can be a game-changer and effective for employees and the organisation in
times to come.
3. Make sure that ethics do not take a backseat in the effort to regain lost ground.

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December 7, 2020

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December 7, 2020


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