Own speed

Our training courses are literally broken down into 15 min efforts, and as such allow students to progress as and when they have time available.  Many of our students are directors, and their time is valuable and limited.  As such we ensure that the content is relevant, and we back it up with videos and online learning tools.

You can track your own progress, and earn rewards as you progress.


NSA has an extensive financing scheme to enable you to start your studies immediately.

We have five options:

  1. Full price upfront.
  2. 50% deposit - balance over 12 months - 5% interest.
  3. 25% deposit - balance over 12 months - 5% interest.
  4. 10% deposit - balance over 12 months - 5% interest.
  5. No deposit - payments over 24 months - interest 5% per annum on a compound basis.

NSA provides free data to enable students to participate in downloading the material, and to participate in the online learning tutorials.  Data is only provided as long as a student completes their targets successfully.

Facilitator access

NSA has 26 professional specialists and a team of support staff to assist you in your studies.  We have active groups where you can share knowledge in workshops.

You can book sessions with the specialist or support staff by using our zoom-based application.  We will form part of your journey.


Online progress tracking

Our gradebook application provides us with continuous progress report on each student and on each training course.   It allows us to identify issues and our facilitators can easily intervene  and assist to ensure that course outcomes are achieved in the most effective and economic way.

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