A practical workshop in corporate governance and risk management

Corporate Governance: Strategies for Internal Audit

COSO 2017: Integrated Risk Management

KING IV - implementing a governance audit program

ITC Governance



Advances data analytics - tools and optimization

Advanced Excel

Intermediate data analytics

Data mining and continuous auditing



Auditing Cyber Security and Information Security using NIST and ISO 27002: Basics / Awareness Level 

Auditing Governance, Strategy, Ethics and Risk Management

Auditing Information Systems Governance and Application Controls 

Auditing IT Governance using CGICTPF for Public Sector in line with the DPSA (Public Sector)

Auditing Project Governance and System Development Life Cycle

Environmental Auditing for Non-Environmental Auditors

Fundamentals of IT Project Management

IT Auditing for Non-I.T. Auditors (Basics of I.T. Auditing)

IT Governance and Management Framework and Controls


A New Service Model: Auditor Roles in Government Performance Measurement

Advanced Performance Auditing

Auditing the management & reporting of Performance Information in the Public Sector

Financial auditing for internal auditors - Public Sector

Auditing the Supply Chain Management (procurement) function

Auditing mSCOA

Performance Auditing for the Public Sector

How to Audit Performance Information for Public Sector Internal Auditors

How to Develop Audit Plans

How To Review Financial Statements – for Internal Auditors

How To Audit Information Technology General Controls For Non-It Auditors?


Risk appetite and Risk tolerance – the calculation, inclusion in reporting, measuring variation in performance against the risk appetite

Auditing Third Party Contracting

Auditing Projects, Project Management and Project Risk

Conducting an Audit from Cradle to Grave

Effective Report Writing

Essential Elements for Internal Audit Process

Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors - PRIVATE SECTOR

How to Effectively Review your Organisation's Risk Management Process

Internal Audits Role in Integrated Reporting

Risk-based Auditing

Root Cause Identification

Auditing Compliance with the POPI Act

Effective Combined Assurance

Control Self Assessment

Lean Auditing



Ethics in the workplace

Emotional intelligence

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