Internal audit trends for 2019

Deloitte’s 2018 Global Chief Audit Executive survey found that Internal Audit groups having the most impact and influence in their organizations also tend to be the most innovative. Not content with doing the same things in the same ways, they learn how to deliver the assurance, advice, and risk anticipation that stakeholders need, when they need it, and they use whatever new methods and technologies they need to do that. If you think about it, this is the only way for Internal Audit to fulfill its mission and remain relevant as the organization evolves. So, we’ve taken innovation as the theme of our 2019 edition of Internal Audit Insights: High-impact areas of focus. Look to these areas and suggested steps as you consider your internal audit activities for the year ahead. And bear in mind that Internal Audit groups around the world across all industries are already using these ways of increasing their organizational impact and influence, and the value they deliver to their stakeholders.

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Integrated assurance is a focus area in the Western Cape Municipalities, and ongoing monitoring as part of the second line of defense has been attracting attention for some years now.

Deon van der Westhuizen

Chartered Accountant

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