Professional consultants and facilitators are hand-picked based on experience and expertise. 

We are in the board room, hands-on and trusted by leaders in both public and private sector. 

We are associated with internationally recognised universities and frequently speak at international conferences.

We have boardroom presence and effective oversight.....we disrupt the norm and radically innovate.....

We enhance efficient governance, risk management and combined assurance....

We invest in People, Profit and Planet.



Our latest focus is on changing sustainability from being a cost to company to generating consistent income streams.

Strategic intervention

30 expert consultants facilitating strategic planning, combined assurance, effective governance and risk management assignments.

Shaping the future

Changing the world needs continuous disruption by innovators and entrepreneurs.  Our monthly sessions challenge the status quo.

Continuous professional development

CPD training for internal auditors, external auditors, accountants, risk managers, government officials, and psychologists.

Online learning

Accredited training for the local government sector, including the Municipal Financial Management Program and Supply Chain Management

Online skills development

Skills in demand for 2030, including cybersecurity, Protection of Personal Information, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and programming

Education is the investment with the highest return!

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